Pool House

94022 Los Altos



Age of Housemates

25 - 50

Pets allowed?


  • Living Room
  • Converted Office Spa
  • Pool
  • Heated Jacuzzi
  • 2 Large Yards
  • Waterslide
  • Babbling Brook
  • Large & Modern Open
  • Firepit
  • Dining Room
  • Jacuzzi
  • Social Lounge
  • Private Bathroom

  • No Smoking
  • No Smoking Indoors
  • No Pets - sorry


We’re enthusiastic and educated young professionals (developers, bankers, Googlers, etc.), sharing some great times. We all work pretty hard, so most weekdays we’ll just take it easy, but on weekends we sometimes do BBQs, dinner nights or watch stuff together on the TV - that is, unless there’s a fun pool party happening :) We live in Los Altos, in a sunny, beautiful, and huge house with a heated pool and sauna, (it comes with a brook and water slide!) The place is only 12 minutes from Stanford, and is right by downtown Los Altos shopping district and the beautiful Alta Mesa Memorial Park. It has super easy access to all the major companies in the area including Google, Tesla, SAP and others, and is a quick drive or bike ride into Palo Alto. Please note the video tour and photos are from before we moved in - it has now been tastefully furnished, there is a washer and dryer, a coal-powered BBQ pit and a gas-grill on the deck, as well as a fire pit and some gym stuff near the Pool. The living room has been converted into bedrooms as well (so the main common spaces are the kitchen, the living-room (near the kitchen), the garage has been converted into an office environment or storage, depends on demand, and outdoor patios, front and back yards, pool and jacuzzi. There's a lovely apple tree and a palm tree growing, and a basketball hoop in the back.


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  • Will

    Athletic & fun guy, working at a mid-market private equity firm focusing on Mergers and Acquisitions. Enjoys mini-road trips, hikes, house dinners and BBQs.

  • Andrew |View Social Profile

    Build kernel @ Linux Foundation/Google, and have been known for many years as Linus Trovalds' right-hand man. I like to ride my bicycle, work on and compete in my race car.

  • Mickaël

    Computer vision software engineer at Apple, originally from France, loves the outdoors

  • Robert

    Berkeley ME / CS grad, previously at SpaceX, Google and Qualcomm; currently working at Tesla on the Autopilot team in Perception and Localization.

  • Chris

    Library Technology in Palo Alto. Love reading, helping people and recommending books to people.

  • Mateo

    Masters in Engineering, Believes in the importance of Education

  • Tianci

    Socialble and friendly UX designer.

  • Etienne

    Solar panel engineer from Paris. Enjoy hiking, climbing, sport in general, music and video games.


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